4 specialized entities

Maegis Group: high-level services supported by security risk analysis

For over 15 years, MAEGIS GROUP has provided its clients with a comprehensive approach to security, covering all the needs of protecting people, securing and controlling events and property.

4 specialized entities

This comprehensive approach is based upstream on risk analysis, meeting a dual objective:

  • for each service provided, the MAEGIS GROUP integrates all the contextual elements, anticipating potential risks and ensuring perfectly controlled configuration of the mission;
  • when a mission includes different services, seamless coordination is implemented.
Maegis Group private protection


A very high-quality protection service, based on 3 requirements: professionalism, discretion and confidentiality.

  • The strict initial selection of our officers, the honing of their know-how in our in-house training center and implementation of a precise skills protocol ensure a high level of intervention capacity for the personal safety of our clients.
  • Beyond their physical capabilities, our officers perfectly master the specificity of their mission. They are capable of intervening very quickly and effectively, while remaining discreet in their daily support and respecting our clients’ privacy.
  • Through its peerless Human Relations policy, MAEGIS GROUP ensures the loyalty of its officers, who provide a long-term service for the people they protect. They build a trusting relationship based on strict respect for confidentiality.

Maegis Group
has been
ISO 18 788-certified
since 2020

This international standard defines the criteria for a “private security operations management system”. It certifies that MAEGIS GROUP implements tried-and-tested processes for effectively carrying out its personal protection missions.

Maegis Group
Maegis Group private driver


Trusted drivers available to our clients for their daily travel requirements.

  • They receive specific training at least once a year. As experienced drivers, they maintain their skills in difficult conditions: attacks or interception attempts in traffic, difficult weather conditions, need to drive fast, etc.
  • Beyond their driving abilities and skills, our drivers are subject to the same requirements as all our officers: impeccable attire, strict duty of confidentiality and respect for the privacy of our clients.
  • More generally, their mission is part of a comprehensive protection system which may include other services. In addition, the high-end vehicles provided are the property of MAEGIS GROUP and are perfectly maintained.

training center

In addition to the mandatory basic modules, our training center guarantees the acquisition of our specific certified skills framework for all its officers, on an ongoing basis.

Maegis Group


Prestigious events require an impeccable level of security. MAEGIS GROUP ensures item-by-item control of haute couture shows, annual general meetings, new product launches, etc. in line with the status of guests and its clients’ demands.

This tailor-made service follows a precise methodology:

  • a risk analysis phase, to precisely identify the specific expectations related to the event and tailor the service in accordance with it;
  • precise deployment of officers guaranteeing the security of the event and meeting its image and luxury requirements;
  • complete and transparent feedback at the end of the event.

MAEGIS GROUP thus provides its clients with its extensive experience in this type of event, to ensure perfect protection and discreet control.

Maegis Group private security
Maegis Group management des risques

Emergency Response:
the crisis management solution

In the event of a crisis, MAEGIS GROUP is able to activate a dedicated unit on behalf of its clients within a very short deadline to quickly and effectively manage a crisis situation.

MAEGIS RISk management

Parallel to the protection of people and events, Maegis risk management ensures the protection of its clients’ tangible and intangible assets through the deployment of economic intelligence and innovative investigative tools.
2 pillars guarantee high performance, on an ad hoc or continuous basis:

  1. an audit and advisory department, on risk analyses to support all MAEGIS GROUP business lines, financial and commercial lobbying, the fight against counterfeiting and digital prevention
  2. a digital department, on the protection of intangible assets, digital investigation, risk monitoring and analysis

Our principles

All our missions uphold

4 fundamental principles.


Each of our assignments is precisely prepared and executed with the same requirement of efficiency and respect for our clients’ image.


Taking into account our clients’ needs, the solutions proposed are systematically tailor-made and correspond exactly to the expectations expressed.


The confidentiality of people, events and property is as important to us as their safety. This discretion reflects the utmost respect we show our clients.


We prepare and carry out our assignments transparently with our clients. This is the basis of the trust they show in us.

Maegis Group

Maegis, what does it mean?

Our primary mission is to ensure the protection of our clients, in various areas. We consider that we are a shield for our clients against external aggressions of all kinds, of which they could be victims.

“Maegis” is formed from:

  • “aegis”, which in Latin means the invincible shield of Zeus and Athena. In everyday language, “aegis” has retained a protective meaning, as in the expression “under the aegis of…”.
  • the “M” forming “Maegis”, represents “Management”, a constant factor in our business: management of the human and material resources necessary for our protection mission and management of the complex situations with which we are confronted.


The term “Private” associated with our various businesses reflects the highly confidential nature of our activities, for the benefit of our clients.