Maegis Private SECURITY

General and item-by-item control of haute couture shows, new product launches, annual general meetings, etc., in line with the status of guests and its clients’ demands.

private security

MAEGIS PRIVATE SECURITY ensures protection and overall control of events during luxury events and major professional gatherings.

private security


analysis and sizing

Securing major VIP events involves, over a limited period of time, several prevention and security officers, private drivers and team leaders, who are assigned to perform a comprehensive and totally controlled high quality mission.

Since 2008, MAEGIS GROUP has earned the trust of many prestigious clients for such missions, based on a proven methodology implementing:

  • comprehensive risk analysis;
  • optimal security conditions, while respecting clients’ high-end image;
  • complete and transparent feedback designed to ensure year-on-year optimization and improvement for often recurring events.
private security

Maegis Group
has been
ISO 18 788-certified
since 2020

This international standard defines the criteria for a “private security operations management system”. It certifies that MAEGIS GROUP implements tried-and-tested processes for effectively carrying out its personal protection missions.

Private Security :

a comprehensive analysis

of security risks

Securing a prestigious event requires excellent risk anticipation, implemented by MAEGIS RISK MANAGEMENT:

  • a complete audit of the premises, security inspection, video surveillance and remote surveillance means, travel plans, available alarm systems, identification of other operators, etc. aimed at better anticipating the conditions for carrying out the mission.
private security

An in-house
training center

MAEGIS GROUP‘s in-house training center guarantees the continuous acquisition of a repository of expertise and soft skills for all its staff.

3 levels of skills are delivered:

ONBOARDING: 8 blocks of skills to validate.

REFRESHER: 8 blocks of skills to validate.

CERTIFICATION: 6 blocks of skills to validate.


optimal security conditions

Once the contextual elements of the mission are perfectly laid out, MAEGIS GROUP is able to draw up a precise outline of the personnel required and their precise missions: job descriptions, mission sheets, coordination of interventions, etc.

To do this, MAEGIS GROUP relies on experienced staff, selected through rigorous processes, whose skills have been upgraded at our in-house training center.

Private drivers, protection officers, etc., have developed extensive expertise that complements outstanding soft skills, respecting the confidentiality of missions and the protected persons.

Private Security :

Enriching feedback

The scope of the mission and its diversity and compliance with a precise and certified procedure are logged in detailed reports on the progress of operations. After the event, these are used to accurately track each of the missions carried out and to highlight, if necessary, points to be improved or points of excellence to be maintained.

This feedback is analyzed in total transparency with the client in order to embed an ever more satisfactory and controlled service, year after year.

private security
private security

A tailor-made service

for our clients

By definition, MAEGIS PRIVATE SECURITY services provided on behalf of our prestigious clients require a unique process tailored to each event. To set such a process up, MAEGIS GROUP relies on staff with a long-standing presence in the company, worthy of the trust our clients place in us.

MAEGIS Private Security :

a controlled, high-end service

Since 2008, MAEGIS GROUP has been securing major events, such as:

  • fashion shows
  • annual general meetings
  • company seminars
  • Association of French Mayors
private security

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