Ethical charter


Our history

Management and Private Protection (MPP) is a Simplified Joint Stock Company of family shareholding created in 2008, accompanied by MPS, JFRA, CPM and MPI.

For more than ten years MPP has been the symbol of the board’s mastery and security assistance to companies, the protection of their managers in everyday life and during risky situations (social conflicts, fight against malevolence…), or potentially at risk. MPP has become the French leader in close protection.

Our values

Compliance with laws and regulations, integrity, loyalty, transparency, respect for others.

Our strategy, tools for now and tomorrow

At the end of 2019, creation of the MAEGIS GROUP which gives our five companies the strength of cohesion and a global visibility.

Voluntary engagement in the ISO 18 788 certification for a Management System of our Security Operations (Certification established in August 2020, confirmed by the control audit of July 2021).

An equal partnership with OFAPS and founding association with FIDELIS in order to complete the relevance of the training of our employees, intelligence, awareness and protection of our

Thus the strategic objective assigned to MAEGIS GROUP and its partners is    to offer a global offer of services with very high added value to our customers.


Why the neologism MAEGIS, and why MAEGIS GROUP?  

AEGIS is the Latin transcription of the Greek, of theaegis “, the invincible weapon/shield of the god Zeus.

The aegis remained, in antiquity, the symbol of the invulnerability guaranteed by the protection of the gods. Nowadays, in common parlance, the aegis refers to support, protection or even a bulwark, especially in the expression “under the aegis of”.

So much for the fundamental symbol of our businesses:  Our customers, our missions are placed under the aegis of our know-how, our experience, because of this stylized shield.

For the M of MAEGIS, this calls on the M of MANAGEMENT which is the implementation of the human and material means of a company to achieve its objectives. The M of management has always been an integral part of our history because of its multiple meanings, whether on the management of complex situations for our customers or for our employees with very specific values that they are imbued with and that they implement in the daily realization of our missions.

PRIVATE qualifies the private nature of our activities, extending this axiom to the strong notion essential for us of extreme confidentiality of the activities we achieve for a client, in the accomplishment of a mission.

The five entities of the group

Maegis Private Protection

Maegis Private Security

Maegis Private Driver

Maegis Private Consulting

Maegis Private Investigation

Quality of service at the service of strategy

So that the gait desired and achieved by us or at expected and perceived level by our customers, the following strategy is applied:

P as “Plan: set goals
O as “Organize“: distribute and coordinate the work
D as “Direct“: manage and mobilize people and resources
C as “Control“: evaluate the conformity of the results

This ethical reminder tool makes it possible to constantly question the practices of the determined framework, provides decision support in accordance with the values of our group, in continuous improvement.

Responsiveness at the service of our customers

Being able to adapt quickly to a situation in the fastest and most qualitative way possible, anticipating needs, requires preparation and a very thorough knowledge of each file, each mission while scrupulously respecting the established procedures. This represents our daily engagements.  

Privacy at the service of our customers

Confidentiality is a pact of trust and security established with all our customers on all our missions. This axiom is the cornerstone of our professional approach.

It therefore also represents a personal commitment of each of our employees through the knowledge and integration of the values contained in the code of ethics of the profession, our manual of information security, our IT charter and our internal regulations, this Ethical Charter.

Thus all the tangible or intangible resources of our societies must be preserved and cannot be diverted from their original use by appropriating them or making them available to a third party.

The recruitment quality of our employees at the service of our customers

Our employees all have at least 5 years of experience within a private company; presence and politeness, personal and professional rigor are required.

The quality of training of our employees at the service of our customers

The Forward Management of Staff and Skills (GEPEC) transcribed in the training plan aims for excellence through a systematic multidisciplinary rise in competence of human capital: implementation of a permanent training course of high professional level delivered by our partner OFAPS in order to increase skills in the daily accomplishment of missions.

This program aims to support each employee in a personalized way by acquiring blocks of skills, in order to optimize their know-how to be and know-how to act on a spectrum of subjects as wide as possible in line with their professional activity.

The continuous monitoring of knowledge is carried out all along each career, their upgrading by E Learning.

The quality of stakeholders in our missions, at the service of our customers

MAEGIS GROUP and its partners master all the stakeholders necessary for the missions carried out.

To this end, MAEGIS GROUP and its partners guarantee the highest standards in terms of responsibility and integrity of its stakeholder base.

To this end, we demand that all stakeholders respect this Ethical Charter and decline these values and principles within their own supply chains.

The provisions set out here in must be considered and observed by all stakeholders.

The stakeholders undertake to respect and apply the ethical values set out below and the principles of compliance described herein and recognize that they will be held liable to MAEGIS GROUP and its partners for any damages arising from its breach of these obligations.

Corporate social responsibility is essential to winning the challenge of sustainable success.

Therefore, MAEGIS GROUP and its partners strive to promote values that respect human rights and labour law both within our organization and wherever we develop our activities by applying in particular:

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • The European Convention on Human Rights.
  • The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and the Rights of The Environment Man.
  • The Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work of the Organization International Labor.
  • The United Nations Global Compact.
  • The international code ICOCA (International Code of Conduct Association) which consists of demonstratingcommitment, responsibility, and respect for the principles set out in the Code and the Montreux Document.

These values and practices are in line with the commitments made by MAEGIS GROUP and its partners in this Ethical Charter and the ISO 18 788 certification for a Management System of our Security Operations.

Stakeholders recognize that the implementation of the standards set out in the present Charter is a dynamic process. They are committed to improving their operations on an ongoing basis.

MAEGIS GROUP and its partners guarantee that the supply provisions defined herein are also respected by all stakeholders.

MAEGIS GROUP and its partners rely on all stakeholders to disseminate the Ethical Charter to their entire supply chain and actively promote it. MAEGIS GROUP and its partners also encourage stakeholders to draft and implement their own ethical charter.

Consequences of the violation of the Ethical Charter

Compliance with this Ethical Charter is a decisive condition for MAEGIS GROUP and its partners to enter into a contract with all stakeholders.

If one of the stakeholders suspects or discovers a violation of regulations, laws or the Ethical Charter, he must immediately inform his interlocutor at MAEGIS GROUP and its partners.

In the event of such a breach, after written notification by MAEGIS GROUP, the relevant stakeholder must take appropriate measures to restore compliance. MAEGIS GROUP and its partners and stakeholders will agree together on the time frame within which these measures will be put in place. This period must not exceed sixty (60) days after receipt of the notification sent by MAEGIS GROUP and its partners.

If one of the stakeholders fails to re-establish compliance with the provisions of the Ethical Charter of MAEGIS GROUP and its partners within the agreed period, MAEGIS GROUP and its partners reserve the right to take all appropriate and reasonable measures.

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